VFX and 3D animation
for advanced postprod

"There is no charge for awesomeness !"
- Po, Dragon Warrior.

I make : TV commercials, corporate films, product films, video clips, short films, documentaries, motion design animations, 3D animation movies, scientific, medical, and industrial vizualisations.

I do : film direction, preproduction (adaptation, screenplay, storyboard, animatic, previs) and digital video production, 3D modeling and 3D animation, CGI rendering, greenscreen keying, camera and object tracking, compositing and VFX, color grading, sound mixing and video editing.


Aesthetics and visual quality

Beautiful visuals for meaningful messages.

I'm a video and film artist, a 3D CGI animation and VFX specialist. All along the production pipeline, I pay a particular attention to every detail, in a constant aesthetical research.

Shooting live action or creating CGI, I work on cinematography to create a complete experience, engaging emotion that will anchor your message in your audience's memory.



Over 8 years of freelancing experience, working on video production for small businesses, large corporations, indie film makers, as well as non-profit and national and international government organisations :



You may see here a few frames out of my latest creations : CGI, 3D modeling, shading and texturing, 3D animation, fluid, particles and smoke simulation, lighting, realistic rendering, chroma keying, camera tracking, color grading, compositing, editing and VFX.


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Jean-Gabriel JG Loquet
Jean-Gabriel LOQUET

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For larger projects I created my own
3D video animation Studio